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  1. Recently, I’ve been collaborating with a yoga teacher who introduced the concept of Chakra.  I heard about Chakra in the past, but hadn’t really explored in any depth.  My initial research showed that there are seven colours of the Chakra following the order of the rainbow.


    The Chakra colours are:


    Red:  The root or the first chakra represents safety and grounding.

    Orange: The second chakra is associated with emotions.

    Yellow:  The solar plexus chakra symbolises intellect and personal power

    Green:  The fourth chakra or the heart symbolises love and compassion

    Blue:   The throat or fifth chakra represents self expression

    Indigo Blue: The sixth chakra is connected with intuition

    Purple: Finally, the last chakra is the crown which is associated with spirituality and consciousness


    Beadeze Green Macrame braceletBeadeze macrame blue braceletBeadeze Macrame orange bracelet



    Beadeze Macrame purple bracelet view 2Beadeze Macrame Red braceletBeadeze macrame yellow bracelet

    Beadeze Macrame Turquoise bracelet v2


    It is a fascinating area of understanding the connection between the human body and energy.

    I explored the idea of creating a piece of jewellery that would be easy to wear while doing yoga and also to represent the seven chakras.

    These Chakra inspired bracelets have a handcrafted polymer clay bead in colours representing each of the seven chakras.  The beads are included as part of the woven macramé design using satin cord. You will find them easy to slip on and off because of the sliding clasp.  And they can easily be stacked.

    Macrame bracelets Beadeze

    The bracelets are now exclusively available at yoga retreats here or you can pre-order the colour or colours you like by contacting me directly.



  2. Colour of the Year

    Since I discovered Pantone, I use them as a starting point for developing a collection.  Pantone is the organisation that sets the colours for the year and hugely influences fashion, design, home décor and anything to do with design. 

    For 2018, they have chosen Ultra-Violet.

    But why have they chosen this shade? Their view is that ultra-violet represents the mysteries of the universe or ‘the intrigue that lies ahead’. It is a colour of  individuality, ‘experimentation and non-conformity’.  It also represents luxury.

    Pantone 2018 Colour

    As soon as I saw this colour, I loved it!  It’s a colour that I wouldn’t naturally be drawn to – I much prefer blues – if you hadn’t noticed from my jewellery!  So I thought, this is going to challenge me.  What colours will complement this? Yellow? Orange? White? And then I began experimenting.  Polymer clay is a fantastic medium as it allows me to create so many new shades.  I’ve used a few different ones in this necklace and jazzed it up a bit by creating a folded bead rather than a round one.  You can really see the texture in this piece. 

    Violet Tones choker


    The necklace also highlights lilac which has a light-hearted and floral feel in contrast to the deep purple representing dignity.   Coincidentally, this necklace is deceptive as it looks heavy but in fact weights less than 3g – so light-hearted is a suitable description.

     There are also negative meanings surrounding purple such as decadence and conceit which could be why this colour is seen as ‘you either love it or hate it’.

    Violet Marble Pendant

    This pendant is part of a new colour palette using ultra violet and other shades of purple and would look great with a crisp white top. Or if you prefer lighter shades, look at the necklace below with a geometric feel in two bold purple shades coupled with yellow and white.  Three simple beads can lift your outfit with this pop of colour.

     Pansy Necklace

    So you can see how purple can be used to accessorize your outfit and keep you on trend for this year.

    If you would like more information on the jewellery, all you have to do is email me!