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My passion for creating jewellery and beads has grown exponentially since discovering polymer clay.   Let’s explore this exciting medium – starting with the clay.

What is polymer clay?

Polymer clay was created in 1954 by a company called Staedtler in Germany and was called FIMO.   In the early days, it was mainly used as a modelling clay for children. 

Polymer clay is a non-toxic, man-made material used to make a variety of products  - jewellery; vases; magnets; mini-food charms; candle holders.

Today, there are at least 7 brands of clay available.


A brand the most people recognise.  There are several types suitable for beginners to professionals.  FIMO soft is a great starting point for kids because it is as the name suggests, ‘soft’; easy to mould into characters or animals.  For professional crafters, FIMO also has a range of clay suitable for creating jewellery, home décor items and much more.


FIMO picture

Kato Clay

Created by Donna Kato who is one of the leading experts/designers in the polymer clay community.  This clay is firm and holds detail well.  It is the first clay created by a polymer clay artist and comes in 21 colours.  I am partial to the blue and purple mixed with white; this clay is easy to condition.


Beadeze picture of Kato Clay


A well known brand – there are 15 different products suitable for all ages.  My personal favourite – I find Sculpey Premo easy to work with because it is durable and produces a professional finish.  There are lots of colours to choose from but using them as a base to create new shades will help you design unique pieces of jewellery.

Sculpey Clay picture by Beadeze

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