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Autumn signals change with cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours. The whole rhythm of life seems to shift after summer – kids are at school, adults back to work, businesses focus on upcoming trends to provide new products. 

In fashion and jewellery, there is also a shift in focus from heavier fabrics to statement necklaces.  Generally, Autumn fashion reflects the changing colours seen in nature – oranges, browns, golds, and reds.  Pantone, the authority on colour, publishes its’ colour report twice a year and for this season, there are blue and beige shades to complement the reds and oranges.  Interestingly, this year the colours from London and New York were different.  Below are the colours from London* and already I’ve seen some of them in the high street stores.  Take a closer look when you’re out shopping.



Pantone London Autumn 2017a

The New York* colours are below.  Which do you prefer?


Pantone New York Autumn 2017


But can anyone wear Autumn colours?  According to Jennie Billings, Personal Stylist for House of Colour, the answer is no.  ‘Having a colour analysis can help determine whether an individual can wear Autumn colours’ but generally these colours ‘suit people with warm based skin undertones’.  Jewellery tones are also crucial for the season.  You are more likely to see gold, copper, bronze and rose gold metals as part of the overall look.

In my business, knowing the colour trends is crucial in developing new products.  It’s helpful to know which colours work well together to create harmonious pieces.  However, I also experiment with colours that clash which produces unusual results and tests my preconceived ideas.  All part of the creative process.

Have a look at pieces in harmony in my shop and stay tuned for some different colour patterns.

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