What really happens at a workshop

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If you’ve never been to a craft workshop, it can seem daunting. You will have lots of questions and may wonder if you can make anything.

A brief glimpse into one of my workshops:

1    You will be warmly welcomed and introduced to all the other attendees


2      Each person is provided with all the tools needed for the session. This includes the clay and use of  a pasta machine


3      I usually have samples of items made with polymer clay on display to (hopefully) provide you with inspiration.


4      At the start of the session, I explain what you will be creating and how you will do it.


5      Throughout the session, I will demonstrate each step and then you will practice yourself.


6      Once your unique creation is finished, it will be baked. And then it’s yours forever!


So that’s a bit about the description BUT how will you feel?

These are a few words from past participants:

“fun”     ‘relaxing’ ‘interesting and achievable’   ‘therapeutic’ ‘thoroughly enjoyable’



What else?

Well, you will meet some amazing people. I know I have. People come in not knowing what to expect, maybe a bit nervous, but after a while, everyone is talking, laughing and enjoying their creative journey.

This is community.

This is a Beadeze workshop.