The joy of creativity

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When was the last time you painted a picture? Knitted? Made a model?

There are so many lovely crafts and hobbies to choose from but many of us are too busy with work, family and homes to ever get round to them. Is it really busyness that stops us or is it that we simply don’t prioritise time to be creative?

If you are a parent, or someone who spends time with young children, you may find yourself joining in their games of make-believe, or even sitting and colouring in with them. And how much fun is it? I know I have sometimes looked up and found that the child has wandered off to do something else and left me concentrating on keeping the crayon inside the lines!

There is something deeply calming about getting totally engrossed in a craft or creative activity. When you are solely focused on the task in hand, particularly if it requires you to do something quite intricate, then your mind is completely engaged. You are no longer thinking about the hundred and one other things you have to do, or the things you haven’t done. You are in the moment. Calm, serene and relaxed.

Go into any newsagents these days and you will see a range of colouring books for adults, along with numerous books on the subject of mindfulness. That is because more and more of us are realising the need to switch off and that means switching off our mobile phones and tablets, as much as finding an escape from the demands of the day.

We all need to make space in our lives and in our days, for a few minutes of restorative creativity. 

As you know, my secret weapon is polymer clay. Having first discovered the delight of working with this amazingly tactile material to make my own jewellery, I now run workshops so that others can experience the joy of creativity.

If you remember playing with Plasticine or other modelling clay when you were a child, think about having permission to do that again for a few hours. With polymer clay there is no right and wrong way to work. I will give you some basic instruction but largely you are free to create what you want. This could be a piece of jewellery, an ornament, a trinket box – the only limit is your imagination.

All sorts of people come to my workshops, mums and daughters, best friends, singletons, stressed out business owners, young, old and in-between. Most are new to working with polymer clay and have been attracted by the chance to relax, have fun and spend some quality time creating something beautiful.

Are you ready to start your journey into creativity using polymer clay?