5 ways to start your creative journey

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The hardest part of doing anything is starting. Of course, you’ll have lots of excuses not to start.

So here’s a quick checklist of how to start being creative (even if you think you’re not).

1. Choose your creative activity – think about what you like doing; something you’re interested in; something you’ve seen someone else doing and always wanted to try; or maybe you have a craft kit hidden somewhere in the back of your closet? This may be the hardest step but once you’ve decided, you’re on your way.

2. Make a dedicated space in your home to start your creative activity. It must   be quiet and inviting. You want to feel that you can be creative in that space.   It must be your space.       

3. Schedule the time in your diary when you’re going to create. It could be in the morning before your work day starts or in the evening you just want to relax. Scheduling time means you’re serious. It’s like any other appointment – you have to keep it.  You might think scheduling is a bit prescriptive but it’s a great way to start until creating becomes a habit.

4. Have all of your materials ready, preferably in one place (or in the space you’ve chosen). You don’t want to look for the items when you’re ready to create. You want everything available.

5. Finally, tell the people you live with what you’re doing. There’s nothing worse than doing a creative activity only to be interrupted. This activity is important to you and by letting others know, there’s more chance of them respecting your time.


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By creating the environment, you will be ready to be creative.

Do you think the 5 steps will get you started on your creative journey?