New Year! New Colour!

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Happy New Year!

Wow! Can you believe it? It’s 2020! A new year of possibilities and a new decade for happiness and peace.

This year I’ll be exploring and expanding my knowledge and techniques using polymer clay. It’s going to be exciting as I share this journey with you!

But first, let’s start with the Colour of the Year as announced by Pantone, THE go to organisation which sets the annual colours relating to all things about design.

It’s….. ‘Classic Blue’! 

 01Jan Colour of the Year

Words such as – dependable, tranquil, safe, protective, elegant, simplicity and honest– are used to describe this colour.

Blue is one of my favourite colours to use when creating with clay. So much so, I had to be mindful of always using blue otherwise you would get bored!  And there are many shades of blue – even if you are not particularly drawn to the classic tone. 

Here’s are just a few available in the Sculpey range of products:

Examples of blue clay


You’ll see this colour in fashion, home décor and in jewellery.  Speaking of jewellery, the stone that best represents ‘Classic Blue’ is sapphire.  You can use this gemstone as inspiration for your designs. Try sanding and polishing your piece to high a gloss finish to give it that ‘wow’ factor. It might not be a sapphire – it will be your own unique creation. 

So try experimenting with different shades of blue; combine it with white for a more springlike/summery feel. I know it's winter but creating something light and airy..well it's something to brighten up the days.

Until next time...

Keep creating!