Do you love earrings?

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There are so many designs to choose from – especially if you make your own.

Here are some common designs you can make yourself:

One Bead Drop  - using a simple bead (polymer clay in this case), you will have a design that can be easily repeated with different colours or sizes of beads.

 Black crackle earrings v3

Studs – aren’t as difficult as you might think to make. The easiest way I’ve discovered is to insert the metal back inside the clay before baking. You can be sure that won’t fall off. These silver foil earrings are fun to make and adds a bit of sparkle to your outfit.

Foil earring shapes

Shaped Drop  - layering different shades of red with black and shaping the clay into rectangles gives these earrings a dramatic effect. They’re especially secure because the earrings combine a stud component with a drop fitting.  The design is simple and you can choose your favourite colours to work with.

Faded red stripe earrings

Bezel – this is a frame you can use to add your polymer clay design. The bezel finishes off the earrings beautifully as in this picture. Usually the bezel has it’s own pin so it’s also a stud style.

06 Sep Pink Multi ZigZag Bezel Earrings Side view 1

Earrings are an easy way to brighten up your outfit and making your own means they are unique to you.