May Expectations

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At the start of new month, I think about what my expectations are.  It usually includes something new I want to learn using polymer clay. Or a book I want to read for relaxing. Or a course I might want to take online.  For me, it’s about learning. In different ways.

What are your expectations of a new month?

During these challenging times, creating an expectation, no matter how small can help.  Expectations are so different from goals. With goals, you feel elated when you achieve them or disappointed when you don’t.

Expectations have a feeling of hope. That’s what I love about expecting. It’s like working with polymer clay.  You might have expectations how something is going to turn out. Sometimes the piece doesn’t quite turn out as planned – it could just be different. But still usable.

A few of my favourite pieces have been like that. They started out as an expectation…full of hope and wonder. And turned out different. Not worse. Not better. Just different.  The more I looked at them, the more they looked just as they were supposed to.  

That is the beauty of polymer clay.

Below are a few such examples.

02May Blog pic3   02May blog pic1   02May blog pic2

So during this month, what would you like to learn with expectations and not goals? Maybe you’d like to know more techniques using polymer clay.

Whatever you decide, be fluid with your expectations.