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This week I want to talk about kids. You may have kids at home during these challenging times. And even though, it seems that some places may open up, schools are not one of them.

So kids will be at home, trying to be home schooled by parents or other caregivers and simply trying to cope. They’re probably missing their friends. Playing games. Chatting and laughing.

They also need downtime. So maybe watching TV or gaming. This time can also include creative time.  Doing creative activities helps their minds relax. They can explore their imagination. They can wonder and ask questions like ‘what if I did this’ or ‘what if I tried’. Children are naturally curious but as they get older, some of this gets lost with the constant learning of academic subjects.

Introducing creative activities can help spark kids’ curiosity.

So far, in my kids online sessions, we’ve created creatures and trinket bowls. These are the tangible results – things they can hold and play with. But what they also gain is focussing on the task; playing with the clay and experimenting.

Kids do enjoy a combination of structure and freedom to explore. A bit like us adults. We want a bit of guidance if we’re learning something new and then once we have the idea, we can develop ideas.

What creative activities have you done with your kids?  Do you find it helps them?  Perhaps as a break from the school work?

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