5 Tips for storing your clay

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How do you store your clay?  It’s one of the crucial parts for preventing your clay from drying out. Dried out clay is very difficult to soften – you really don’t want to be faced with that. 

Here are 5 storage solutions I use that work:

1.   Plastic food containers – these are handy as many have a secure locking lid. The air tight feature is perfect keeping the clay firm but usable.  I tend to organize my projects into these, especially useful for keeping leftover canes or pattern veneers.

2.   Deli bags – these are thin plastic bags with no seal. I purchased a roll of these years ago and they actually work well for storing large blocks of clay.  They’re also great for placing between your clay project and cutters, as this is how to create that rounded effect ona a pendant, for example. 

3. Take away containers – I’ve found these meet the needs for storing bespoke colour mixed clay. Once washed properly, it’s another air tight alternative. And sometimes this is what is available so reuse them.


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4. Drawer units – I have one of my workbench and it’s one of my favourite purchases. All my canes are stored in this unit making it easy to see them. Having your canes visible can give you inspiration to use them in new projects

5. Toolbox – These are generally found in the DIY stores used for nails, screws and other smaller hardware items. I’ve found them to be perfect for storing small samples of clay. Some have a semi-translucent lid making it easier to know what’s in there.  Tip: check your shed, you just may find an unused box laying around (that’s where I found mine!)

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