Do you love tools?

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If you're anything like me and you love crafts, you'll also have tools that you 'must ' have to make your creations easier.

Well, here's another one!

Have you seen an extruder?? It’s a great little tool that you can create a variety of rope length shapes.

Each extruder comes with a set of dies or templates so when the clay is pushed through, you get that shape.

There are different widths of string you can create. These are useful for adding texture to your design like these beads.


15Jun Extruder pic1


 But there's nothing like seeing it in action, watch this  video:


Geometric patterns are popular to create as in the video. My advice would be to use contrasting colours to get the maximum impact for your piece.  The pendant and the bail below was created using the square template.  You can see, it’s quite effective.

15Jun Extruder pic2


Will you be treating yourself to this versatile tool??