Creativity and Well Being

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Creativity is one of those words that conjures up a variety of responses from people. From ‘that’s for artists’ to ‘I’m not creative’. 

Creativity is so much more. Today we are realizing that setting aside time to be creative has a positive impact on wellbeing.  Why is this the case?

 Recent research suggests that doing creative activities helps regulate our emotions by reducing stress, allowing the mind to rest and contemplate problems and finally by building confidence.* The simple act of creating makes you stop. You focus on the activity. By going through a process such as gathering your supplies to following instruction and finally experimenting, you relax. This is an outcome that we all strive for, living in an age of busy-ness.

 I have seen this happen in 100% of my clients. When I first started delivering workshops, I did not expect these results. It was literally a joy to see how people changed from stressed or not confident to becoming restful and playful.  And this is repeated in every session I’ve taught.

When your mind is relaxed, you can actually feel better. This means you can move onto other business related tasks with a different perspective. Any overwhelm you experienced prior to being creative does dissipate.

 How do you feel when you’ve been creative?