5 Types of Beads

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5 types of beads

You’re familiar with the standard round beads which are easy to create and are versatile. There are also other bead shapes using a variety of patterns

A pendant bead is simply that…a single focal bead. Something that is eye catching and adds interest to your outfit. There are so many designs you can use to make such a bead and here are 3 to try:

  1. Abstract bead – Combining different techniques and layering patterns is one way of creating something truly unique. As in this picture. this bead combines two animal inspired prints layered over complementary colours.   You could try this technique using different colours.

18 abstract bead pendant v2 

       2.  Natasha bead – Using only scrap clay, this is a statement bead. It’s      chunky and the design is almost mesmerizing.

Day 4 Natasha bead


       3. Imprint beads – The imprint technique uses layers of different clay colours which are pierced with a variety of shaped tools. Slices are taken from the stack to reveal quite an abstract pattern. You will likely get 2 or 3 different imprinted pendant beads from the same stack.

Imprint pendant side 2


Other beads

         4.  Rectangle beads – You could create some simple plain rectangle beads to string in a necklace or make earrings.  Or as in the picture, make a Skinner blend and layer to create ‘sweet – like’ pieces. Earrings are perfect for this look.

 24 Skinner blend earrings

      5.  Charm beads – Who doesn’t love charm beads? Create your own using metal inserts into a round piece of clay. Again, you could make a variety of plain colour ones or use one of the patterns described above and form into a thick round and flattened shape.

20 Abstract bracelet


Which bead type is your favourite?