Do you like a bit of shimmer?

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Do you like a bit of shimmer?

Then mica powder is your answer!

Mica powder is a fab little element to add to sparkle to your creations.

What is it?

Mica is the generic name given to a group of minerals that are formed in distinct layers. Mica is light, soft, flexible and resistant to heat. There at least 10 different colours of mica and it is mined in two main ways – as sheets or as flakes.

Mica powder is essentially ground mica.

How is it used with polymer clay?

Adding mica powder to the clay will give it a sheen. A little shimmer without the glittery mess!

Generally, you dust the mica powder onto your creation before it’s baked. The powder will stick better and you can also remove any excess more easily.

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Pearlex has many colour options and ranges in price from £3 to £5. Cernit also have their own mica powder range with prices starting at £4.25.

One thing to remember is that mica powders last a long time.  I’ve had mine for a few years!

 Will you be experimenting with mica powders?