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Bracelets are the perfect accessory to brighen up any outfit.

3 styles you can make yourself are:

Stretch bracelets

These are easy to assemble once you have your beads. Making your own beads will bring an extra element of specialness to your piece.  I tend to use round beads to make a stretch bracelet. And I’ve also included silver space beads which adds extra elegance. Many times I’ve had women comment on my bracelet because the eye is drawn to the silver and the handmade beads. It becomes a conversation starter.

Once you have your beads made (examples below), threading them onto a pre-stretched piece of elastic thread is easy. Using a triple knot to tie the thread and a drop of clear nail polish to secure the knot are the next steps. I usually allow the polish to dry for 24 hours before snipping off the excess elastic. Then your bracelet is ready to wear.

Try making several at once and you can wear them in the popular stacking style.

Blue marble bracelet v2        Bracelets v2    Autumn marble on wrist view 2   


Bezel bracelets

This is also a fun bracelet to create involving fewer elements. Once you have your patterned clay, you only need to place it into the bezel.

A bezel is a pre-formed template, if you like. It’s a frame for your pattern. Before placing the clay into the bezel, I use either Bake and Bond (Sculpey) or some type of superglue onto the bezel surface. Then place the clay inside the bezel. The glue adds extra security to the clay as you don’t want it to pop out later on.

What do you think of this style?


Geometric bracelet FINAL 23


Cuff bracelets

These are bit trickier to create but the results can be stunning. 

Using a cuff template, you place your clay design on top. Pressing gently onto the template, trim off any excess clay. The key to this type is ensuring that you have the correct thickness to give the piece balance and presence on your arm.

The entire piece is baked and once cooled, you can separate the clay from the template. Your cuff bracelet is ready to wear.

cuff bracelet


 What’s your favourite style of bracelet?