3 Useful Polymer Clay Tools

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I’m not really a gadget person until I started making jewellery. Over the past few years, I’ve collected a number of tools including a vice, a portable sander/buffer, a pen press, and numerous jewellery making tools.

The three tools I use the most are-

Pasta machine – this is so useful to have. Especially if you have a lot of clay to condition or hands simply get tired using an acrylic roller.  But remember, once you’ve used it for clay, it can’t be used to make pasta.

15 Beadeze Pasta Machine

Tissue blade – you can’t be without this tool when creating with polymer clay. You need to chop up the clay as part of the conditioning process. You need to slice canes.  Or to use as a cutter making unique pendant shapes.    

And of course, it’s quite handy for opening up the clay packaging.

13Oct tissue blade


Extruder – this is extra special. With this tool, you can create even width string, geometric patterns and thicker rods of clay.  It takes the guesswork out of making uniform lengths. String is quite useful if you want to create texture in your design such as wrapping a bead core as in the photo.


10 extruder tool    15Jun Extruder pic1


When you're ready to relax and create with polymer clay, start with these tools.