Match your Necklace to your Neckline

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When you’re creating necklaces either for yourself or someone else, consider the style and what they will wear with it.

There’s no point creating something beautiful and it doesn’t fit in with their wardrobe.

Here are few tips I’ve learned along the way: 

  1. A crew neck, bib or even collar top is best suited for a layered style necklace. So create a necklace that has several rows of beads. Or 3 chains with beads spaced along each chain. this gives maximum impact by adding interest to the neckline

Beadeze Neckline Guide Part 1

2.    A v-neckline needs a dramatic v-shaped piece. Make a statement by using a bold triangular shaped bead. The bead could be a contrasting colour to the top or be made in subdued tones.


Beadeze Neckline Guide Part 2

3. A boat neck top looks best with a long chain. This could be a full beaded chain with differing sizes. Or you could create a 3- layered version like the one for a crew neck and have a few handmade beads interspersed along the length of the chain.


Beadeze Neckline Guide Part 3

4. A collar top looks best with a choker style necklace. Or even a collar length pendant necklace. If you love making pendants, this style shirt is perfect top to showcase them.


Beadeze Neckline Guide Part 4


Of course, experimenting with necklaces and necklines is a must. You will know when certain jewellery pieces just don’t ‘go’ with a top.  As you make your beads or focal pendants, thinking of what it will be worn with helps you in the design process.