Conditioning polymer clay - the start of your creative journey

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The basic tools you need to create with polymer clay are the clay, a tissue blade, an acrylic roller and a tile. Now you’re going to start on the first step to creating a design. This involves conditioning your clay, when you first take your clay out of the package, you'll find that it's very firm and it's not pliable.

You can't work with this in this state. So what you have to do is you have to condition the clay that means making it softer. The first step to doing this is to cut your clay up into small, manageable chunks. You just take your clay, and you slice holding your tissue blade firmly on both ends.

So what I'm just going to do is just chop it up into smaller pieces. Once you think it's chopped up enough into small pieces, then just gather the pieces together and take your acrylic roller and just press that down. So already, you should feel that it's good, it's getting softer, it's getting more malleable, and you can work with it.   Once you roll that a few times, you can even do that again if you wish.

Now if you've purchased a pasta machine, this is a good stage where you can insert your clay, each time you will feed the clay through the machine, fold it, and feed it through again.

If you’re using an acrylic roller as I am in the video, continue rolling it, then all you need to do is just keep rolling that piece of clay folding and rolling.  You want to be able to do is get a floppy piece of clay; that's sort of the texture that you're looking for.

Once you have this texture, you’re ready to start using the clay for your project.

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