Feel relaxed as you take a glimpse into the world of polymer clay

Using a silcone mould is one method of creating buttons. It's all about experimenting. Some ways are better than others. Try this out and see how it works for you.

Creating a jelly roll cane using a graduated blend of colour

Trinket bowl from scrap clay

I often use scrap clay from different projects to create something new. Here, you will see how to make a trinket bowl. 

These bowls are handy for all of those little items you just can't find a place for.

Valentine's garland!

Using a cane of polymer clay to create a simple yet effective garland for Valentine's Day. 

Swirl pendant

Another use of scrap or leftover clay. Combine a few pieces together and using an acrylic square to rotate the clay. The result is stunning!

Come along to the monthly Clay Club to start your creative journey!

Each month a group of us get together to relax and clay. Learning different patterns to create unique items for ourselves and as gifts just like the videos above.

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Give yourself time to be creative and rest your mind