Custom Jewellery

Do you ever think ‘I wish I could just have something made just for me’? Well, now you can.
Imagine how you will feel when you receive that piece. It will be extra special. It will be unique – like you. You will want to wear it. Not just put it a drawer and forget you ever had it.
When you wear it, your friends and family will admire it. They will ask you where you got it. You’ll feel amazing when you say ‘I had it made’.

Some of the jewellery created for customers are below.

So let me tell you how we work together...

We will discuss what you are looking for in a handmade piece.  I'll ask questions about the colours you like to wear and your style. This all helps with the design process.  I'll delve into area areas such as your hobbies/interest you have...why, you may ask…because I firmly believe that your jewellery is a reflection of you and I aim to capture that.

Of course, you can ask me questions as well so you can be assured that your expectations will be met.

I'll work on your piece which usually takes between 2-3 weeks. Your unique piece of polymer clay jewellery will be delivered to you...ready for you to wear.

Client's words

'Thank you Yasmin. I have already worn my jewellery a couple of times! I love it! '   - F Storey


Your unique jewellery

Now you've decided you want something created especially for you, let's arrange a meeting.