Team Sessions

Team sessions that will help your teams to reduce their stress while exploring their creativity.

Taking time out from the workplace is essential for the well being of staff. As a team, it's even more crucial to develop stronger relationships and respect. Working together yields improved performance and results.

In the online sessions, staff will go through a process of creating with polymer clay. It is this process that will help them relax. As they proceed through the workshop, they will inevitably start to experiment.

Experimentation leads to new ideas. This helps in their job role as generating ideas helps businesses grow.

As an expert working with polymer clay for over three years, I will guide your staff through their creative journey.  They will learn new skills with this medium, and importantly, learn that tapping into their creative side helps them reduce their stress.

Reducing your team's stress is crucial to ensuring their well-being and improved performance at work.


Using zoom, the session will be interactive. Participants will be fully immersed in the activity and be able to ask questions. They will also be able to share their experience with their colleagues. 

Focussing on tasks that are not work related allows staff freedom to explore their creativity and reduce their stress.   

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A 3 hour session is £ 350.

Maximum of 8 people per session.

Full kit of supplies included.

Your team will not only feel relaxed and creative, these sessions will help reduce their stress and improve their performance at work.